Small Penis Humiliation Fantasies

July 28, 2014

Small Penis Humiliation Fantasies

July 28, 2014
You'd think most men hate the thought of having a small penis but actually there are plenty of guys that love small penis humiliation based fantasies. Rather than trying to hide the fact they are under endowed or trying to make up for it in other ways, they would prefer being exposed and ridiculed for it.

For many of these guys they can't even get aroused without being made fun of for having such a tiny dick. Can you believe it? Well it's true so you should!

What is Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)?

Small penis humiliation is a type of female domination based fantasy or fetish that involves a guy with an inferior penis being exposed, humiliated and often verbally abused for his dick size.

In most cases SPH is mixed in with various other aspects of female domination such as cuckolding, financial domination or even CBT. Although there are many guys out there that crave nothing but SPH at the hands of a beautiful woman.

Who Would Want to Be Humiliated Like This?

You'd probably be surprised by the number of different type of men that crave being humiliated about their peckers. Men from all walks of life are into the scene ranging from bankers to doctors to lawyers and even that guy working the kiosk in the mall.

So many different type of guys are into this fantasy because small penis plague men of all different walks of life. There are small penises in need of humiliation everywhere!

You might wonder why they would want this but just think about how they feel having an inferior dick. Most of them crave the attention of the women they know that their penises could never pleasure. Not to mention after years of having to see such a pitiful package in their pants they eventually realize it's better to take the humiliation from a gorgeous goddess than nothing at all.

At least now all the guys out there with those pathetic dicks have a place they can come anytime they are in need of intense small penis humiliation.

Featured SPH Domme: MistressBB
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