Cuckold and Wife Watching Fantasies

July 25, 2014

Cuckold and Wife Watching Fantasies

July 25, 2014
You may have noticed that cuckold and wife watching fantasies seem are becoming more mainstream than ever. It's always been a taboo subject but nowadays people have become more open to the idea of involving others in their sex lives.

A cuckold by definition is a man whose wife has sex with other men and he knows about it.

However over time it has taken on a new definition that would be best defined by saying it's a man who knows his wife or girlfriend is sleeping with others but also watches and might even be joining in, in a variety of ways -- don't worry we will get into those too!

Types of Cuckold Fantasies

Cuckold fantasies are some of the most varied in the library of female domination based fun. The majority of cuckolds are guys that want to watch their wife, femdom or girlfriend having sex or in the least getting it on with another guy. However they also want to know that this is going on because it defeats the purpose if it's behind their back or they don't get to watch.

For these cuckolds the intense emotional roller coaster is all part of the allure as is the humiliation that comes from watching another man pleasing their woman in front of them. At the same time the pleasure their woman is experiencing is always the basis for their own enjoyment as this turns them on like crazy!

Fetishes within the Cuckold Community

Like with all femdom fetishes, the cuckold community has all sorts of different pockets of kinkiness. Although most guys just want to watch the action there are others who ache to take things much further.

Some examples of this would be the guys that want verbal abuse or want to be made fun during it as well as the men that are obsessed with creampie cleaning or sloppy seconds. These areas tend to be the biggest divides amongst submissive cuckolds.

If you're wondering what a creampie and sloppy seconds even are -- lets clear that up. A creampie is basically the result that is left after a guy cums inside of the cuckolds wife or girlfriend. Knowing that I'm sure you can figure out what a creampie cleaning is! Now lets get to what sloppy seconds are. Sloppy seconds is a term used to describe when a man has sex with a woman immediately after another man just finished having sex with her.

These are aspects of cuckolding that not every cuckold wants incorporated into their fun but for those that do - they can't get enough of it! The worst part is as wild as those may sound they are literally just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the desires of varying cuckolds.

Being a Cuckold for Your Mistress

When you're talking about serving a mistress and her desire to cuckold you it is usually because she deserves the most pleasure she can possibly receive. In cases where a mistress has a submissive man with a small penis serving her she'll need to get her fix elsewhere. So in the world of female domination a man can become a cuckold whether he wants it or not. That's the big difference between a standard cuckold and a cuckold within a relationship based on female supremacy. In this realm cuckolding can be used simply to humiliate a sub, tease him mercilessly or due to that lack of manhood

So what do you think? Does the idea of becoming a cuckold turn you on or does it make you want to run for the hills?
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